As a Holistic Health & Leadership Coach and lifelong learner, I study, teach and practice a variety of disciplines in self-discovery, self-regulation, stress management, conscious culture creation, systems thinking, and healthy habits, communication, team building and leadership.

Culture, Self Regulation/Stress Reduction, Healthy Lifestyle, Changing habits and behaviors, communication/relationships, creativity, morning routine, stress/anxiety management, Finding Meaning/Purpose, Seeing my blindspots, parenting/teaching/coaching

Here are some tools to add to your toolbox:

Positive Intelligence: Shirzad Chamine. 

Why this book and course is a game changer:

 8 week course with him. Learned to become acutely aware of the inner judge and to turn the volume down on this pernicious voice. And turn up the volume on the inner sage as well. This allows me to operate from a place of calm and creativity rather than anxiety and reactivity--which cause old patterns to keep playing out. 

Take his online sabateur quiz here: 

Find his excellent book here: 

MBSR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

I took this course online: 

I facilitated and 6 week learning course in Big Sky

Thriving Workplace Culture Professional:

Aha! Moment--you can't expect to put apples in a vending machine and fix a toxic culture. It's the culture stupid. 

Read there book here:


Everyone should read this book:


Get over your nerves. Spread the good word. Learn leadership skills.

Movement: walk

Nutrition: Mealime

Sleep Creativity, spirituality, COL

Energy work:

Theory U:

Morning Routine

Wake Up Call

Personal Purpose Statement:

Culture Engine

Brene Brown:

TED talks

Extrememe Ownership

Change Map

Science of Happiness edx:


Tiny Habits

Atomic Habits

Non Violent Communication

Sex at Dawn

Speaking Coaching

ART Teacher/Creativity

A Return to Love

Circle of life