6 Steps to Sustainable Change

Some changes are hard to make.
Whether it’s lifestyle, weight loss, leadership, career, communication, mindset, relationships or financial patterns, most of us have a change (or two) that we sincerely and intensely want but can’t seem to make happen for the long term.

Why would the Fit in Six system work in making change if nothing else has?

Here's the good news: the problem isn’t willpower, timing, genetics or determination.

The problem is that we try to solve adaptive problems with technical solutions. 

For example, if losing weight was merely a ‘technical problem’, I’d give my clients ‘technical solution’ like a diet and exercise plan, they would simply follow it and, “Voilà!”, they’d have permanent positive results.
Ha! If only it were that easy!


We have a paradox on our hands: hidden in our subconscious minds are beliefs, values or fears that actually drive us to behave in ways that sabotage our efforts to change. We know what we have to do, but there seem to be blocks that keep us from doing it.


Creating adaptive solutions in order to make adaptive changes is where the rubber meets the road. It's the work that, while it can initially make us feel vulnerable or perplexed, will eventually set us free. This is why Fit in Six works where other systems fail.


What are the 6 steps to sustainable change?

1.  Cultivate a self-transforming mind

2. Identify your true North

3. Create your Map to change and discover hidden blocks to change

4. Prepare for setbacks 

5. Test and analyze

6. Upgrade environment and communication

How does Fit in Six Work?

The overarching  principals of the 6 steps are:
•Awareness: seeing the problem that causes resistance to change
•Acceptance: making empowered choices
•Action: solving the problem adaptively over time and staying the course even in the face of set-backs

•Analysis: it's critical that mindset and actions are evaluated and used as feedback in order to grow

This is not a passive program. It doesn’t come from absorbing knowledge from a book, webinar or conference. Results come from 1:1 live telephonic coaching, hands-on work, a willingness to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, self-compassion, discipline, patience, perseverance, accountability partnerships and live feedback

Work with me in order to SEE the one big thing that’s keeping you from reaching your goals and then SOLVE this by co-creating your personalized Fit in Six program.

What's next? Be the change you seek in 2018!
Fill out the quick and easy readiness questionnaire below to discover if coaching is a good fit for you at this time:

If you're a positive, driven and courageous person who's serious about liberating yourself from resistance to change, together, through the Fit In Six program, we will uncover your blind spots, shed light on the root cause of your hidden resistance to change, and bring laser focus to a strategy to reach your goals once and for all.

Jim Rohn quote. Life get's better by change.

Fit In Six


Have you been trying to make change that just won't stick?

Are you highly motivated to make this change yet feel like you’re driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes?

If so, this program is for you.

As a holistic health coach, I realize that whether you're trying to lose weight, meet high level work goals, find a new career, manage time better or prioritize your health, the challenge is knowing how to make lasting change and maintaining the necessary follow through.

This is why having a coach is key. I'll guide you through uncovering your hidden blocks to change and developing a personalized strategy to help you break through once and for all.


We start with seeing the problem that is causing blocks and then begin solving the problem.

Warning: After you discover the root cause of your resistance to change, there's no going back.


This program is not for the faint of heart. It requires an adventurous spirit, commitment, openness and adaptability. You must be able embrace failure in order to learn, pivot and grow.


This work doesn't happen in a box. We bring your 'change strategies' into the real world, test it, collect information, debrief and then move forward accordingly.


If you're a positive, driven and courageous person who's serious about liberating yourself from frustrating old patterns, schedule your 30 minute Discovery Session with me.


What can you expect from Fit in Six?

During this comprehensive 6 MONTH program, I will guide you through the exact steps to take in order to achieve your desired change. You’ll learn the truth behind your current challenges. You’ll learn to let go of destructive thoughts and behavior patterns that sabotage your efforts. You’ll receive tips, tools and strategies for moving forward, at a pace tailored to you.

My clients enjoy working with me because I facilitate the transformation they seek. My calm, upbeat demeanor helps clients find clarity in how to best continue moving forward/learn from set backs and creates a safe space for open communication.

My positive can-do attitude motivates my clients and keeps them accountable.

What I care about is their success. The personalized strategy that results from working with me is applicable to solving future challenges even after your coaching program ends.

You're Key Take-Aways
• Breakthrough in making the change you seek
• Shift in thinking patterns that are no longer serving you
• Healthier relationships
• Strengthened communication skills
• Greater vitality and more energy
• A go-to system that will keep you from getting stuck in the future

You may be ready for the Fit in Six program if...

You are not sticking to your commitment to change

You are ready to stop going in circles and have a strong desire to break free from the status quo

You are prepared to work through feelings of vulnerability as you uncover hidden blocks

You are committed to taking action

You have a burning desire for change that will leave you feeling empowered

You are ready to get unstuck so you can feel like the best and healthiest version of yourself


You might not be ready if…

You aren’t action oriented. This kind of transformation requires your full commitment to do the work and implement the changes we come up with together

You don't believe change is possible

You aren't willing to recognize that you hold a lifetime of patterns and behaviors that are likely part of the problem

You aren’t open to the idea of online/telephonic coaching and using technology to optimize the support you desire

Early Bird Pricing + Bonus

Regular Cost $5,000

Early Bird Save $500

Early Bird Price $4,500

Available in 1, 2 or 3 installments

Sign up by Tuesday Jan 1, 2019 12pm to save $500 and receive a 60 minute private follow up session after the 6 month program ends

6 month program includes:

12 Private Remote 60 minute Coaching Meetings (first meeting is 2 hours)

6 Remote 90 minute Mastermind Meetings (6 person max in each group)

Gifts to enhance your change journey

Your personalized "Immunity to Change Map"

A crystal clear self-created "Personal Purpose Statement" that will act as your North Star (and for you entrepreneurs out there--can enhance your marketing)

Practical applications for strengthening your communication skills

Continuous focus on recognizing and actualizing how you want to "feel"

An intimate understanding of a system that you can use to make change far into the future

A short list of the best books on change

The empowerment,  freedom and vitality that comes from making the change you seek!


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