Who is a Leader?

As a holistic health and leadership coach, I define a great leader as any person who strives to become more self-aware and and conscientious. It's someone who has the humility to know they don't have all the answers, the confidence to see others perspectives and the courage to take action. They take the time to identify their values and align with them consistently. They are driven to help others feel welcome and heard. They strive to to bring out the best in others and build interconnectedness..  


Being a leader doesn't mean you have a corner office. You might be an entrepreneur, a salesperson or a stay at home parent. But as a leader, you want to continue your personal development in order to help us all rise during these challenging times. 

We're all in this together.

"We need new leadership in communities everywhere. We need leaders who know how to nourish and rely on the innate creativity, freedom, generosity, and caring of people. We need leaders who are life-affirming rather than life-destroying. Unless we quickly figure out how to nurture and support this new leadership, we can't hope for peaceful change. We will, instead, be confronted by increasing anarchy and societal meltdowns."

―Margaret Wheatley

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