Art & Chakra Series

A Seven Week Journey to a Greater Understanding and Expression of our Energetic Selves

Monday Evenings Jan. 8th-Feb.19th 6:30-8:30pm

Do you want great health and more vitality in 2018?

We invite you to dive deep into exploring, balancing and healing your energetic body through your five senses.

Using music, vibration, aromatherapy, breathwork, meditation, movement, color contemplation, and painting, Callie and Jackie will design the time and space for you to cleanse and balance your chakras--or energy fields.

You will tap into the essence of a different chakra each week; starting with the root in week one and culminating at the crown in week seven.

By tuning into these different chakras, you will learn where your energy is blocked, deficient or in excess. This empowering self awareness allows you to have more balance and flow in your everyday life.

While the first half of each session takes you on a personal inward journey, the second half invites you to openly express yourself with color on canvas.



Week One- Root Chakra- tap into the energy of your instinctual self, get grounded and begin the creative process.

Week Two- Sacral Chakra- tune into your sense of sensuality and your emotional body, dive deeper into your creative self.

Week Three- Solar Plexus Chakra- ignite the fire within; your sense of will and drive will be the focus this week.

Week Four- Haer Chakra - turn your attention to your essence of love and compassion.

Week Five- Throat Chakra- shed light on how you express your inner and outer truths.

Week Six- The Third Eye- open your eye of intuition and connect with your imagination and intuitive self.

Week Seven- Crown Chakra- tap into your connection with the Divine.


Each session begins with a teaching and guided meditation on that session’s chakra and connects you with the essence of that energetic center. Gentle movement will get your body in the flow before you find your seat at your easel to express yourself on canvas


Space is limited for this transformative, fun and soulful experience. So go ahead make the commitment to raise your vibration and join us on this journey!

Investment: $375  Early Bird $325 Save $50 if you register by 12/21 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


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