6 months to making 

your lifestyle change a reality

  • Finally make that one big change 

  • Discover and remove your blocks to change

  • Become the role model you want to be

  • Connect with your deeper purpose

  • Sharpen your focus

  • Boost your self empowerment

  • Increase your impact in the world

Fit In Six heath coaching program. When you're ready for change.


6 Steps to Lifestyle Change

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Do you feel stuck and frustrated when it comes to making change? 

If you've tried creating healthier habits but you just can't make them stick, I'm here to tell you it's not your fault.

It's not your genetics or lack of will power or time.

The problem with making change stick is usually with the strategy we use (or lack thereof).

Personalize your solution; uncover your hidden blocks to change, and create and implement a long term plan.


My name is Jackie Corcoran. I'm a private holistic health coach, and I'm here to be your guide if you're ready for change.

By learning and practicing my signature program, Fit In Six, you will master the 6 steps to change--once and for all!

To find out more about how the Fit In Six signature program can help you make the change you seek, click HERE


Schedule your complimentary 30 minute "Discovery Session" with me today.


Life isn't waiting. Seize the Day!



—  Jen A. Financial Consultant 2017

I would recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking to make changes in their life.

Jackie is a great listener and well educated in her field. She helped me identify strategies that fit for me and that I knew I could carry out beyond our time together.

She is great at pairing relevant information to current situations and stayed engaged throughout the time we worked together.

I think that she goes beyond a health coach. I see her as a life coach!


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