About You

Hello and thanks for being here!


The type of person who is often drawn to working with me, and who I love working with, is a driven, high-achiever who is inspired to lead--in their organizations, communities and/or families. 

You know that while you can't change the world, as a leader, you can change yourself in order to best serve others. In doing so, you become the type of leader who, in the words of Margaret Wheatley, has the, "[...] unshakeable confidence that we can be kinder, gentler and wiser than our society currently tells us we're capable of."

You're typically a go-getter but feeling the wear and tear of living in 'chronic overdrive'. You want to pause for a moment in order to recalibrate because you understand that all living systems must have balance in order to be sustainable. You're willing to identify your blindspots and tend to them before your systems fails. 


You want to clarify your values and vision to ensure that your work/relationships/behaviors are on the right trajectory. 

You want new tools for self-regulation and know that developing a stable mind is the core work of your training in these increasingly unstable times. 

If you see yourself in this description and you'd like to have a coach in your corner to collaborate and co-create with, please be set up a complimentary coaching session so we can discover if my services and coaching-style would benefit you. 

Looking forward to connecting!


Coach Jackie