Holistic Health & Leadership Coaching

with Coach Jackie

Find Clarity and Focus Now

Do you aspire to lead a life that aligns with your values and gives you sense of purpose and connection?  

Do you lead a team, family, and/or organization and find yourself at a turning point – or even a breaking point

– in your career and/or personal life?

Is it time for you to shed old limiting patterns by tapping further into your immense potential?

Even the strongest among us can feel stuck, uncertain, lost, or unhappy at times.

Through expert private coaching, I support busy leaders like you in finding clarity, discovering their blind spots and taking action so they can reach their goals.

Together, we move your big ideas into your reality.

I believe that you have the strength and inner wisdom to breakthrough your blocks and thrive during these rapidly evolving times!

I'm here to support you on your journey. 

Self Evaluation Questions:

Are you ready to:

  • Find Clarity and focus so you can take effective action?

  • Create more heart-centered engagement and productivity?

  • Break unhealthy habits and create new ones that make you feel great?

  • People-please less and prioritize your wellbeing more?

  • Uncover your deeper meaning and purpose in life?

  • Relax the "perfectionist" mindset

  • Tap into and trust your intuition?

  • Do you want more self-confidence, self-control & self-love?

  • Do you want better work/life balance?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, let's meet.

For the month November, 2020, I'm offering you a 

 "Find Clarity & Focus Now" Coaching Call.

People who have experienced this 60 min complimentary coaching call have called it fun and interesting with “Aha!” moments that leave them inspired.


You’ll get a quick 8 question survey (takes approx. 8 minutes to fill out), prior to our meeting. This will help you get clear on your topic of conversation and make the most of our time together.

Our call gives me the chance to do what I love--coach and facilitate growth. And hopefully it will give you useful wellbeing and leadership power-tools for your toolbox during these wild times. 


Change only happens when you're ready to act. 

So, let’s do this together…I am here to help! 

  • 60 min complimentary Coaching Call

  • 4 four steps to upgrade energy, accomplish goals & find more joy

    Starting at $875
  • Complimentary 30 min meeting to learn about you and your topic



What People Are Saying

From high achieving executives to on-the-go parents, Jackie Corcoran helps leaders find balance, recognize what holds them back from change and learn healthier ways of leading their own lives so they can better lead others . As a Holistic Health and Leadership Coach, the whole person and the systems in which they live are always taken into consideration. The world needs us to reach new levels of self awareness and interconnectedness now more than ever and this is what I strive for in every interaction with my clients. Here's what they say:

Jen A. Vice President of Client Development at Blackmore Financial Solutions

Deep Listening

I would recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking to make changes in their life. 
Jackie is a great listener and well educated in her field. She helped me identify strategies that fit for me and that I knew I could carry out beyond our time together. 
She is great at pairing relevant information to current situations and stayed engaged throughout the time we worked together!

Lisa Y. Nurse Manager

Creative Synergy

Working with Jackie for the year was a total life transformation.

Mike M. CFO of Construction Company

Professional Guidance

Jackie’s positive can-do attitude is infectious. She’s a great motivator and is very good at holding me accountable. 

She truly cares and wants to see me succeed at achieving my goals.
The most significant transformation that I've noticed in myself since beginning the program is a better over all outlook and sense of well being.
I would recommend Jackie to everyone!




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"We need new leadership in communities everywhere. We need leaders who know how to nourish and rely on the innate creativity, freedom, generosity, and caring of people. We need leaders who are life-affirming rather than life-destroying. Unless we quickly figure out how to nurture and support this new leadership, we can't hope for peaceful change. We will, instead, be confronted by increasing anarchy and societal meltdowns."

―Margaret Wheatley